Thursday, November 17, 2011

I love My Husband

Cory is the best.  He puts up with so much.  I can really be a handful. 
The kids can really be a handful.  But, he loves us and he is our hero. 
 The soon-to-come-story-of-our-bed will explain even more how wonderful my dear husband is. 

Every morning we go through the same routine.  Cory and I wake up and get ready.  We get Mariah up so she can get ready.  Cory makes my coffee, gets my pump bag ready, wakes up both boys, gets them ready, and I continue to get myself ready.  Then we all meet in the kitchen shortly before leaving the house. 

Cory and I are morning people (most of the time), Mariah on the other hand is not.  However, we were all laughing yesterday morning because of my morning-happy-husband.  Mariah came out of the bathroom and was walking down the hallway to her room.  As she was walking she heard "ba-da-da-dum" she looked back towards our room, then kept walking.  She heard it again "ba-da-da-dum".  She chuckled and quickly walked to her room as she heard the rest of the song coming loudly from my bedroom "ba-da-da-dum, ba-da-da-dum, ba-da-da-dum... The Adams Family..."  Yup, Cory was in full song singing the Adams Family to the boys that morning.  Gave us a good laugh all morning long.  And to top it off, he stopped singing at one point, looked down at Carter and said "if you were a cookie, you'd be a chunka-chip".  :-) 
One of my favorite new lines and a possible new nick-name for our Carter Monkey, Chunka-Chip.

Love you Cory

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