Thursday, December 8, 2011

Don't Co-Sleep

Because if you do, you will create a boob-huggin-mommy-lovin monster.  Don't get me wrong, I love my boob-huggin-mommy-lovin monster, but holy crap am I tired.  I love the snuggles, the grunts, the smell of baby, but I also love a good nights sleep.  Something I haven't had in over a month. 

I went back to work when Carter was 3 months old.  My boob-huggin-mommy-lovin monster was pretty much sleeping through the night.  All was well.  Then a couple weeks after getting in to our new routine my BHML decided it would be fun to start getting up once or twice during the night.  I was dragging from working all day and not being able to take a nap so I started bring my little BHML in to bed with me.  Thought we could snuggle, I could feed him, and we could all sleep.  Well that worked for a little while.  Then he got spoiled.  Realized there's-no-place-like-the-marshmallow (AKA mom and dad's bed). 

So, now we have an overly tired mama.  A boob-huggin-mommy-lovin monster that won't sleep anywhere besides the marshmallow.  And... a giant cup of coffee. 

Good night, I mean morning.  What day is it?

The guilty party (AKA Carter)

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  1. Hope this time passes soon!! I enjoy reading your blog I feel caught up on your lives. Thanks for sharing!