Friday, December 23, 2011

She's a Good Kid

Mariah has a loving heart.  She really enjoys school, loves her friends, loves being a part of the dance group at school, and loves buying gifts for others.  This morning I dropped her off at school just like every other morning, but today... I almost had to park the van and help her in with all her bags.  She had a bag full of presents for her friends, a 9x13 pan of brownies that she made last night to share with her friends, a 2 liter of soda for a party in Spanish class, and her actual school bag.  She was getting out of the van this morning and looked up at me like "mom, I need a couple more arms".  We stuffed her school bag as full as we could and she scooped up all her stuff.  As she was walking in to the school one of her friends came running out and gave her a hug.  Mariah couldn't hug back because her hands were full.  Her friend quickly took the brownies ~ of course ~ and helped Mariah in to the school. 

Moments like this are heart warming and worth remembering.  She really has a loving heart. 
I love you lots Mariah.

I found this picture while looking through my phone for pictures of Mariah to add to this post.  With this picture I'll also have to say that I love your comical side too, Mariah.  So lovely of you to sneak my phone and occasionally take goofy pictures of yourself for me to find later.  :)

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