Monday, December 12, 2011

Full Moon

Does a full moon really bring craziness?  I am pretty sure there was a full moon on Saturday night.  Even an eclipse and a giant glowing moon if I am correct.  Normally I don't think much about that stuff and instead just jokingly throw the comment around "must be a full moon", but let me tell you I am starting to believe in the creepy effects of a full moon.  Or the crazy coincidences that seem to take place when a full moon is present. 

Saturday night we went to bed.  Carter hasn't been sleeping well lately (total understatement).  So I was up with him around 10pm, 11pm - 12pm... and on and on.  Around 11:30/midnight I realized the nightlight in our room was going from dim to bright, brought back my club dancing strobe light nights.  Anyway, I thought maybe it was burning out so I turned it off.  Then I heard a beeping from our living room ~ which usually means the smoke detector on our 16' tall ceiling has a dead battery ~  Cory asked what he should do about the beeping, because getting the giant extension ladder from the garage and changing the "beepin" battery (insert word) in the middle of the night did not sound like a fun idea.  So, we shut the bedroom doors and figured we'd deal with it in the morning.  Well, in the morning we had a bit more to deal with.  Turns out the battery wasn't dead, the night light wasn't burning out... instead the power was out.  We are guessing it was out for two hours.  The beeping noise was our battery back up sump pump.  The nightlight was working on battery power instead of electricity.  And... our fish tank back flowed and we lost over an inch of salt water through the bottom of our tank and on to our carpet, ceiling tiles in the basement, and basement carpet. 

Next time... we'll get out of bed and check out the "beepin'" situation.
This is what happens when parents are sleep-deprived from a boob-huggin-mommy-lovin' monster.

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