Thursday, January 5, 2012

Yes, Yes I Can Get Anotha Room Up In Here!

The request.  "Can I Get Anotha Room Up In Here"

The solution:  Another room!

So much decorating I shall do!

Step 1:
Move everything out of Cory's office.

Step 2:
Locate a new office space in the basement.

Step 3:
Paint Carter's new room! Turned out a bit more blue than I wanted, but I like it. 

Step 4:
Move Carter in to his new room.

 ~curtain change~
yes... that is a fish tank in his room... no it will not be staying

moved the new curtains to my room ~ don't they look great with my pillows ;)

Step 5:
Bring a new (old) dresser in to Ethan's room.

 I will eventually get some nicer looking handles for this dresser to update it a bit.

Ta-Da! 4 bedroom house with a fabulous office in the basement! Happy Dance, Happy Dance!

Project Breakdown:

Thanks to Menard's amazing clearance paint section where they keep all their miss-tint paints..... (drum role please).... $5, $5, and $1.  Mix in a splash of blue paint that I already had... Total paint cost for the lovely new room = $11 Ah-May-Zing!

Husband's handy cable work = FREE thanks to extra parts that we had around the house.
Husband's handy electric work = $50 for five outlets, one cable connection, two light switches and some extra wire.

Curtain rods for Carter's new room = $30 just a regular great price at Target.
Curtain panels for Carter's new room = $108 due to four $10 off coupons for JCPenney that I've been saving up. But... I kinda stole the curtains from Carter and put them in my room and moved my brown curtains to his room.  Much better look for both rooms!

Wall for Cory's new office = $100

I love this picture.  Ethan is such a great helper.

Door for Cory's new office = FREE (we had it on the wall to the playroom)

Before: on playroom wall

After: office looking through to bar

 After: bar looking through to office

Finishing the wall to the playroom where we removed door = $20

Total project cost = $319
I feel like I am missing something.  I can't believe we made all of these huge changes for just $319. 
Woot Woot!

Future plans if all goes well and the money tree rains down on us:
Build a retaining wall outside Cory's office and add a look out window.

Oh how I love projects like this. I'm jumping around doing the happy dance right now and making a fun squealing noise! ;)

By the way... we did this in FOUR days.  Yeah, we rocked this one!

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