Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I want my happy smiley baby back.
Fevers are horrible, colds are horrible, daycare germs are horrible.  Building an immune system is some serious business... and it's horrible.  Poor Carter started a fever last Sunday.  I took him to the walk in on Monday and they said it looked to be just a nasty viral bug.  I was kinda hoping it was something that could have been treated, but not pumping his little body full of meds is better.  Made me sad that I took him to the walk in though.  There were so many people coughing and wearing face masks and looking all germ-infested.  It gave me goose bumps to sit in there next to all of them.  Luckily they call the babies in right away so we didn't have to sit in the germ-breading-grounds for very long. 

Carter's fever finally broke on Wednesday morning.  Things were looking up and back to normal and his second tooth popped through.  Maybe the fever was from teething?  But, they say high fevers aren't from teething, right?  So, my poor little man must have been teething and fighting a fever bug all at the same time.  :-( Oh I wish babies could talk and tell us what's wrong. 

Last night Carter's fussiness started all over again.  He was screaming at us, moving his head from side to side, and crying non-stop.  I gave him some Advil around 8:30 because I knew he was in pain, but had no idea what was causing the pain.  Cory got him to sleep around 8:45 ~ thank you Cory!  Then Carter was up on and off throughout the night whimpering and looking to snuggle.

This morning his temp was 99.6.  I took him to daycare and got a text a little while later saying his fever was up to 100.4.  So, back to the doctor we went.  This time we got in to see Carter's pediatrician.  He checked out Carter's ears and found a nasty little mess in his left ear.  Carter has his very first ear infection.  No wonder our little man has been so fussy lately.  He's been hurting. 

Hoping for the meds to work soon and for Carter to feel like his adorably happy little self.   


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  1. Oh, it's so hard when a baby is sick. You just feel so sorry for them and want to take it from them. I am glad he is feeling better.