Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Carter: 10 Months

Happy 10 months Carter!  Wow have you changed this past month.  You are a speedy little crawler now.  You pull yourself up on everything, climb over your brother any time you get the chance, you smile with excitement every time you are on the move. 

Here is a video of Carter crawling shortly after he turned 9 months. 

You also feed yourself.  No more baby food.  You want to eat exactly what everyone else is eating. I love how independent you are when it comes to meal time.  You are happy in your chair as long as there is food in front of you that you can reach.  You still have some troubles getting all the food in your mouth, but picking it up seems to be pretty easy for you. 

You are amazing.  We love you so much.  You really complete our family. 

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