Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I need to paint something!

I have the urge to paint.  I want to paint all the trim in my house white.  I want to paint my kitchen cabinets white.  I want to add board and batten to my dinning room and paint it white.  I want to paint my laundry room cabinets white.  I want to paint an old dresser white.  I want to add some color to the walls in the basement with maybe a blue color?  I want to change the color or our mud/laundry room.  I want to get rid of the red paint in our half bathroom.  I want need to touch up the paint in my family room... or maybe just give the entire room a new look with a new color?

We've been in our home for over six years.  Most of the rooms are still their original color.  It's time to paint.  I need a new look for our home.  A brighter fresher more uplifting look.  I love splashes of color, but all of the brown's and dark colors are starting to make me feel boxed in. 

 Where should I start?? What can I get Cory to agree on? For some reason most of the homes in our area are full of stained wood, dark wood colors, lots of heavy wood patterns, and dark wall colors. If you look at southern homes they are full of beautiful woodwork, board and batten on the walls, and lots of white woodwork with beautiful dark wood furniture accents. I want that. White woodwork with wood furniture accents.

Look at this beautiful white and bright kitchen.  So fresh and clean looking.  I could cook and clean in this kitchen all day.  I hear birds chirping and sunshiny songs playing in my head when I look at this picture. 

And this dinning room with tall board and batten walls.  Dark color on top, but the white b & b makes the room pop with life.  I love the dark wood accents and colorful artwork.

Ahh to dream... and then to paint. 


  1. Love that white kitchen! As much as I love all colors, I love the look of all white - so neat and refreshing.

    1. Exactly! I think I over colored and over wooded (is that a word?) my house when we first built it. I need some white, bright, and fresh elements added to my house. I'm working on it... picked up some paint samples and some sanding paper yesterday!