Tuesday, April 10, 2012


We had a great Easter celebration together as a family.  It was a busy weekend filled with a friends wedding, two Easter egg hunts, an early morning church service that Mariah was a part of with other kids from the youth group, breakfast at church, a quick nap, then lunch at my mom and Harry's.  The weather was really nice and allowed us to play outside for a while.  Ethan even got to drive the golf cart at mom and Harry's house. 

Coloring Easter eggs

 Carter giving me a facial with a cookie.  The cookie was keeping him happy while we colored eggs.

Charlotte and Ethan being silly while waiting for the egg hunt to start.

Ethan with a full basket of eggs!
Here is a family photo.  Not my favorite, but I still love it because we are all together.

Ethan with his tongue out in excitement after finding his basket.

Mariah found her basket in the kitchen.  (Ignore the mess in the background)

Ethan even more excited because he's driving the golf cart!

Matt, you are brave! 
Carter all dressed up for his first Easter. My handsome little man!

And, the hosts of our wonderful Easter lunch. 
Thanks for the excellent food and company mom and Harry!

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