Monday, April 2, 2012


Not because I'm pregnant, because I'm not!  I am nesting because everyone around me is pregnant.  Mix those hormones that are floating through the air with some major spring fever and BAM, nesting. 

Well, nesting and the fact that I LOVE reading other people's blogs about organizing.  I know, I've been repeating that a lot lately, but I can't help myself.  These blogs and these women are so inspiring.  So inspiring in fact that this weekend alone I cleaned and organized my laundry room, some of my kitchen cabinets, and Ethan's closet.  I pulled out tons of stuff for selling, donating, and tossing.  I am loving this less-is-more-and-everything-in-its-spot feeling. 

Speaking of cleaning... I had a Norwex party at my house on Friday night and my goodness, I am in LOVE with the products.  My party was a huge success.  I am going to have a spotless, chemical free, toxin free home, and I made a new friend out of it!  Amy is a fantastic consultant for Norwex.  She is a mom, a nurse, and loves the Norwex products.  It definitely shows.  She made my oven sparkle in minutes.  I never thought this was possible.  And... she did it without harsh chemicals.  Score!  You should definitely have a Norwex party in your home. 

Back to organizing. 

I started with our laundry area.  Under the washer I put anything washing related and the lint brush.  Under the dryer I put all of the dog supplies.  Most of the medications are in a hard-to-open plastic container.  The rest will also be in a container soon.  I don't want those meds in reach of little hands. 

Next, I tackled the cabinets above the washer and dryer.  These were full of extra exterior lights, dust, and a ton of randomness.  I cleaned them out.  Arranged them by shelf; candles, light bulbs, outdoor items, locks and siding extras, and more house extras.  This is a "progress" picture.  Still, a huge upgrade from where things were before.  I am learning.  
Notice all the cleaning supplies above the cabinets?  I put those up there last October when I drastically reducted cleaning with chemicals in our home.  My husband made me promise we'd keep them for a year just in case we needed them.  We haven't touched them yet and I have no intention of using them. 

Maybe I'll paint the cabinets next and get some fun decorative knobs...

My next big project was our medicine cabinet.  I got rid of a bunch of expired meds and made room for the basket with sunscreen and bug spray.  Also made room for Carter's nebulizer and supplies on the top shelf.  Put a couple dosage notes up on the door with tape.  I plan to add a small cork board to this area for additional notes.  Maybe I'll paint it a fun color or wrap it in material. Again, "progress".

I took a before shot of this horrible mess... might possibly be blurry on purpose... okay not really, but I am glad it is.  This was a drop zone area for arts, crafts, and candles.  They really had no business being in the same cabinet.  So, they were moved out and replaced with....

Simplicity... ahhhh.  Lunch bags and cooking supplies in easy reach.  Before these items were mixed in with my overly-packed-too-small-pantry. 

But now, my pantry looks like this!  Extra items and a ton of pasta on the bottom shelf.  Oh I love when things are easy to find.  It makes me shiver with happiness.

And then my last project for the weekend.  This is Ethan's closet after.  I didn't take a before picture, but it looked something like the craft cabinet above.  I pulled out a ton of stuff for Craigs List and donating and ended up with this.  An organized space.  I love it.  Thank you organizing blogs for all the inspirations. 

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