Friday, April 13, 2012

A Little More Organized!

Wow, I have been on a kick lately.  This is amazing.  I hope my energy for organizing and cleaning stays with me for good!  I have no idea how I am doing it, because I've had a horrible head cold and have been getting very little sleep thanks to an evil-non-sleeping-teething-nine-month-old-who's-lucky-I-love-him-so-much. 

Last weekend Cory and I cleaned out the spice cabinet and recipe book cabinet.  We tossed a bunch of old spices and recipe books and made the two cabinets much more user friendly.  We found a lot of amazing looking recipes. 

We agreed that Sunday's need to be our day for trying new recipes.  Cory loves to cook with recipes and I love to organize so he can find those recipes.  What a team! ;-)

I also did some more moving around in the kitchen cabinets and came up with a better area for the kids crafts.  I love to keep stuff for the kids to do in easy to reach areas.  This helps keep little hands busy while I'm cleaning and making dinner. 

I was so inspired from my weekend organization that I decided to keep going and clean up a couple more areas during the week.  About a month ago I donated all of my old text books to our church.  They donate these to needy groups in the community.  Over the past couple days I tackled the rest of the books in our home so we can donate those as well.  We had a pile of duplicate books and others that never make it to the read-me list.  We had books in the basement, books in the closet, books in the bins under the end tables, and books in the family room book case.   We had a lot of books!  We now have three neat rows of books in the family room.  I found a couple books that were given to Mariah when she was little.  I love the messages on the inside of the books.  I also found a couple books that my grandma and grandpa gave to my brother and I when we were little.  Those messages were heartwarming. 

*Whenever you give the gift of a book, make sure to put a little note in the inside.  Makes it that much more special.*

Ah, I love organizing!


  1. You are inspiring me to be more organized! I used to be like two kids ago but my organization seems to have gone by the wayside. Yesterday I ordered from Amazon a silverware tray to put in my bathroom drawer to organize toiletry items. It's a start!

    I also love messages in books. I am going through mine to give some away to the library my 16 year old is setting up in Fiji this summer. I have so many children's books! It's a weakness of mine. Good thing I'm going to be a teacher when I grow up. (:

    You are such a good mom.

    1. Jaime, are you loving your new tray in your bathroom drawer? Doing any other organizing? I have been on a organizing kick lately.

      Thanks for the good mom comment. That was really sweet. ;-)