Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Big Change

We are making a big change... we are moving Ethan from a daycare facility to a private in-home daycare.  This is something that I have always been very curious about.  I have always wanted Ethan to have the direct attention from an in-home daycare, but never had the opportunity or had found the right place in the past.  Recently we were blessed with finding an in-home that seems to be a wonderful fit for Ethan.  I have to admit though... I am very nervous.  This is a huge change that will directly impact my precious little man!  He is at a wonderful daycare right now and has been there since he was 3 months old.  They have been so kind and loving and have kept him safe over the years.  We have learned so much from the teachers and Ethan has bonded with them all.  Ethan loves the other kids in daycare and even has a little girlfriend, Julianna.  So, why are we moving him to an in-home?  Well, Ethan recently reached the age where he no longer has a low student to teacher ratio in his classroom.  He is a big boy now and is in a room with more kids and less teachers.  I guess I am not ready for this change for him yet.  I want him to continue to have that direct care.  Ethan is so loving and so kind and thrives off of direct attention.  I think that by putting him in an in-home daycare he will get a lot of this direct attention.  I do feel bitter sweet about the move though... I feel like I am pulling Ethan from an environment that he knows and loves.  In a way I feel like I am taking a little piece of what he knows away from him.  I just pray that we are doing the right thing for Ethan.  I pray that we love the new change and that Ethan makes new friends and builds new relationships.  I pray that he is safe every day.

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