Monday, March 1, 2010

Dad gave us a scare!

This weekend I was in the Dells hanging out with family and friends. I was relaxing and having a great time... and then... we got a call from my sister saying that dad was in the hospital! On Saturday night dad and Kathy had some friends over and dad was eating a chip. He stood up to walk to the bathroom and was coughing and inhaled the chip. He started choking and within seconds he blacked out and fell to the floor face first. Kathy said that dad didn't even put his arms out to try to catch himself. Thankfully the hard fall to the floor caused the chip to come out of his throat and allowed him to breathe again. Kathy gave him a pound on the back and rolled him over. Dad opened his eyes but didn't have his memory or the ability to speak for a short while. Kathy had called 911 before dad even fell to the floor. Kathy started asking dad questions and at first dad just kept repeating "how long was I out for" Kathy would answer him with "about 30 seconds" then dad would say "how long was I out for"... this went on for a little while. Thankfully dad did get his full memory back. The ambulance took him to the ER and they did CT scans and x-rays and thankfully nothing is broken. He does have a black eye and some swelling on his cheek bone and eye, but he's recovering well. When they did the x-rays they found that dad has a terrible sinus infection. They believed that is what has been causing his cough along with some swelling in his bronchioles which caused him to choke easier.

We are all just very thankful that things turned out the way they did!!! We love you dad and you really need to stop giving us all of these scares!

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