Monday, March 22, 2010

Productive Weekend!

We had a very successful and productive weekend!  Recently Cory and I made a list of projects that we'd like to do to "complete" our house.  It is been about 4.5 years in the making and we'd love to have it so-called-done.  We have a list of about 12 things and we already have about 4 of them marked off!  This past weekend we worked on completing the cabinets in the basement by the bar.  Cory has the doors prepped and ready for glass.  Everything is stained and looks beautiful.  This week I will drop them off at the glass dealer and he will install the glass.  We are also having glass shelves cut for inside the cabinets! 

While Cory was staining... I was painting the dining room (again).  I painted one of the walls red not that long ago and this weekend I decided to paint the rest of it red.  Cory isn't so sure about it, but I love the warm feeling.  Next I will paint some words or a saying on the only empty red wall. 

This weekend we also bought the trim for our master bathroom and for the kitchen.  Cory will work on staining those pieces over the next week and hopefully we will go those projects completed next. 

We also bought wood to build shelves in our garage.  We started them yesterday and so far have the area for the bikes completed and a couple shelves completed.  This is only about half of the shelving that we have planned for the back wall of the garage.  It's looking good so far! 

The best part is that we created a budget for each project and so far we are coming in quite a bit under budget!  Let's hope it stays that way. :-)

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