Wednesday, February 9, 2011

19 Weeks

With everything going on this past week I almost forgot to write my 19 week post!  Baby BOY and I are doing really well.  Things seem to be going smoothly and my belly is definitely growing.  People are starting to notice that I am pregnant and come up to me and congratulate me.  I feel our little guy roll around and kick often.  Cory was actually able to feel the movement a couple days ago.  Ethan held his hand on my tummy and tried to feel too. 

I have worked my way up to a 9 pound gain.  It's a little more than I would like to have gained, but I have been loving cookies lately... :-)  Overall I am pretty satisfied with my weight gain.  I hope to only gain about 15 more... we'll see if I can make that happen. 

Here is a picture of myself and my baby BOY bump from yesterday morning. 

I also want to say thanks to those of you that have voted on a name for our little guy.  We are really torn between all 3 names.  We love Oliver because it's classic sounding and it's my grandpa's name.  We love Carter because it's trendy yet strong sounding.  Also, Ethan has Cory's middle name and if we pick Carter than we will come up with a "J" middle name so that Carter would have Cory's initials.  We love Owen... well... just because, no real reason, just love how it sounds.  It is really adorable listening to how well Ethan can pronounce Owen. 

Our top three names with Ethan were: Ethan, Logan, and Braydon.  We chose Ethan because our good friends named their little boy Logan, and our other friends have kids that end in "don".  We didn't want all the kids to have names that sounded alike.  Plus, Ethan was always my top pick! :-)

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  1. You look so great Kel! Don't worry about the poundage, it will come off, and you are doing fabulous! Feed that boy his cookies!