Tuesday, February 22, 2011

21 Weeks and Ethan's First Dentist Appointment!

Right now I feel that the best things about being pregnant are:
1) I get to take the baby with me wherever I go and hold him close at all times.  I never have to worry about leaving him or missing something that he's doing.  I get to take him with me to work every day!  I get to talk to him in the car and sing him songs when its just the two of us. 
2) Feeling him kick.  I love feeling him move around and kick every day.  He is pretty much an on schedule baby.  He kicks like crazy around 7am every morning ~ could be my coffee ~ and he kicks like crazy around 9pm every night.  He also kicks through the day.  Often when Ethan is sitting on my lap or next to me and I am reading him a book, baby Carter starts kicking around to let us know that he is listening too. 

Here we are at 21 weeks pregnant.  Just 19 more weeks to go!

And... here is Ethan at his first dentist appointment!  I really thought this was going to be an adventure full of screaming, kicking, and a scared little boy trying to climb out of the chair.  Much to my surprise it was completely opposite!  The dental assistant was amazing and did a great job with Ethan.  She should seriously get an aware for being a toddler whisperer or something!  She was so calm and relaxed and knew exactly what to do to get Ethan to stay calm and enjoy his cleaning.  She played a couple short movies for him with animals going to the dentist and brushing their teeth.  Then she showed him the tools that she uses.  Ethan's favorite was the water pick that squirts water into his mouth and the "Mr Thirsty" that sucks the water out.  Ethan was giggling and enjoying having water squirted into his mouth and letting Mr Thirsty suck the water out.  She asked a couple times to tickle his teeth with the tooth polisher but Ethan was unsure of that tool.  He just wanted more water from the water pick.  We finally told him no more water until he let her tickle his teeth.  He looked and her and with a sigh he said... "okay... fine...".  So she tickled his teeth and he giggled and enjoyed it and couldn't wait for the water pick and Mr Thirsty to rinse his mouth out again.  It was an extremely wonderful experience!  When we left Ethan looked at me and said, "I like her, she is my favorite lady".
 Ethan is sitting in the chair watching a video of puppies going to the dentist.
 Now he is watching monkey's brushing their teeth.
 This time it's my little monkey's turn to get his teeth cleaned. 
Great job little man!

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