Friday, February 4, 2011

It's a.....BOY!!!!!!! Oh boy oh boy oh boy!!!!!!

We are so excited!  Seriously couldn't be happier about having another baby boy!  Ethan and baby boy are going to be so close.  Ethan is thrilled to have a little brother to share his room and toys with.  Definitely an exciting time in the Bartlett home!  Now to officially come up with a name for baby boy... hmmm Carter, Oliver, Owen, Nolan.... so many great names to choose from!  Any suggestions?

I had a picture up earlier that showed off baby boy's gender.  I kept going back and forth about posting this publically on our blog and decided to remove the picture.  If this was a private blog I would have kept the picture up, but since anyone can search and view this blog I decided it was best to remove it.  I will have Cory scan in the profile ultrasound pictures this weekend and I'll post those for sharing.   

Love you tons already little guy!  

We told the kids by calling Mariah's cell phone.  Because of the school closings from the blizzard, the kids were home watching each other.  Mariah put her phone on speaker and said, "okay, so what are you having?", well... it's another BOY!  I believe at that point I heard Mariah say, really..., and Ethan said, mommy... I have to pee...!  Mariah was hoping for a girl so she could hand down all of her dolls, toys, and fashion sense, but I think she is quickly warming up to the idea of being the only "spoiled" girl and having two little brothers.  Ethan is extremely excited and gives me big hugs and kisses my belly often.  He is going to be a great big brother. 

Cory, well I think he is beside himself.  He was hoping for another boy and he definitely is getting his wish!  He is so proud.  I think he is glowing just as much as I am right now. 

Can't wait to meet you in about 21 more weeks little guy!  XOXOXOXOXO


  1. Yay! I'm so excited for you! Boys are so much fun. It's fun knowing what you're having so now you can plan... Do you and your husband agree on names? In my case, my husband didn't have as strong of feelings for girl names as boy names.

  2. Yeah! I'm so excited for you! Little boys always seem to love their mommies so much! :)