Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sick Little Ethan

Our little man has been sick for most of the winter.  In December he started with a head cold that just didn't want to go away.  It never turned in to a fever so I just kept treating it as a cold.  Finally in early January I took him to the doctor.  The doc started Ethan on meds for a sinus infection.  About 11 days in to the 14 days of meds... Ethan got the stomach bug and wasn't able to finish the last couple days of meds.  Mid January I took Ethan back to the doctor and let them know his nasty germ bug was back.  They looked him over, tried a breathing treatment in the office for his wheezing, and did a chest x-ray.  Everything came back clear and the doctor said it was just a virus.  We gave Ethan benedryl to help with the nasal drainage and within a week he seemed to be better.  Then this past weekend the runny nose and coughing started again.  This time his coughing is the worst.  On Monday Cory took him to the doctor and they did a sinus x-ray and started him on flovent inhaler twice a day.  The flovent inhaler opens up his sinuses and lets them drain... and boy oh boy do they drain!  Ethan has a terribly runny nose, a cough that keeps him awake during nap time and most of the night, puffy looking eyes, and the need for constant snuggles. 

Last night Ethan started the night by sleeping on our bathroom floor because he loves the sound of the shower running and the steam.  I sat with him for a while and then Cory joined him.  After that we moved him to a recliner in our room with Cory so Ethan could sit up while sleeping.  This worked on and off until 12:30am when Ethan woke up coughing and crying for mommy.  I brought him some juice and got him to calm down and snuggled him in bed by me.  Around 1am he fell asleep.  He woke up around 4am coughing and crying for more juice.  Then he fell back asleep until 6:30am. 

He is a tired little man and so are his parents.  We just want him to feel better and stop coughing.  Hopefully this nasty bug will go away and STAY AWAY soon.  :-( 

Snuggling with mommy on Tuesday
 Trying the inhaler for the first time on Monday
 Sleeping on the bathroom floor with Mousey
 Snuggling on the couch Wednesday morning
 Drinking some juice on Wednesday morning

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