Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!  I hope you have a wonderful day filled with love!  We celebrated Valentine's Day this weekend as a couple and then as a family.  On Saturday night Cory and I had a date night.  We dropped the kids off at my mom's and went up to PF Chang's.  There was a 1 hour and 50 minute wait so we did some shopping at Mayfair, bought the kids some fun candy, bought some shirts for Ethan, ventured through Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware, and then walked back over to the restaurant.  They sat us within 5 minutes.  The food was amazing!  I would wait that long any time for their food!  I think Cory pretty much agreed.  We were planning to see a movie afterwards, but towards the end of dinner I got a migraine headache.  It was so terrible that I started getting hot then cold and my stomach started turning.  We had to leave and drive home to get the kids and end our date night early.  I went to bed and slept off the migraine.  Fortunately it did not return on Sunday! 

Sunday morning we went to church and bought some delicious treats from the youth group bake sale.  My mom was wonderful enough to make some treats with Mariah on Saturday night for the bake sale!  Thanks Grandma Sandy!!!  After church we went home and relaxed a while and visited with Grandma Linda.  Then Grandpa Karl and Grandma Kathy stopped over and showed us their pictures from their recent Jamaica trip.  After that we ran some errands as a family and ended up at Olive Garden for dinner.  While we were waiting we ran in to Scotty and Shannon and her mom Tammy and boyfriend Scott.  We decided to join them for dinner.  We had a really great time visiting with all of them.  Nice and surprising way to spend the evening. 

Monday morning Ethan woke up with a cough ~ again.  This poor child has been fighting a head cold since the beginning of December.  It just doesn't seem to go away and stay away.  :-(  Cory is home with him today and plans to take him back to the doctor around 9:45 this morning.  I hope they give him something to kick this bug out of him.  I hate hearing him cough and seeing him feel and look so sick.  HUGS to my little man. 

Another thing we did this weekend was contemplate on placing Rex, our lab, with a different family.  We love Rex dearly, but he is our high strung barker and is always spinning in circles, knocking Ethan over or bumping him in to walls.  I have a fear of what life will be like with two small kids, one teenager, and three dogs.  I thought that placing our hyper lab would be best.  We found a very interested family and prepared ourselves on Friday to say good bye to Rex.  It was the hardest thing we had done as a family and really made us second guess our decision.  We prayed for answers and Saturday morning we got them.  The family called and backed out and truly put us all at ease.  We realized that placing Rex was not best for our family.  We love him.  We love all three of our crazy dogs.. and soon to be all three of our crazy kids. :-)  Guess we are just one big crazy family and that is the way we need to stay.

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