Monday, April 11, 2011

Ethan's 1st SALON haircut!

I took Ethan to a salon on Saturday for the VERY FIRST TIME.  Up until this point I have been cutting his hair myself.  He usually sits "ok" for me, but my clippers are getting old, my joy for doing hair left a long time ago, and I was ready to give someone else the responsibility of making my little man look handsome.  

I wasn't sure how Ethan would sit for someone at a salon, but to my surprise he did amazing!  He flirted with the stylist (and all the other stylists around him).  He had everyone smiling and giggling with him.  He was such a little ham and I think he enjoyed every minute of the haircut!  The stylist did a great job on his hair.  We will definitely be going back to see her again in a couple weeks.  

 Now if I could just talk Cory in to going to a salon...

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