Monday, April 11, 2011


We had an amazing weekend!  The weather was absolutely beautiful and we got to spend a lot of much needed time outdoors!  We celebrated Easter on Saturday and had a wonderful Easter egg hunt with the kids.  This is the first year in a long time that we could stand outside during the egg hunt and not freeze!  Amazing!  Then we had 80+ degree temps on Sunday!  We did some landscaping, put up the dog kennel, fixed the garage door opener, and opened up the house.  The fresh air and nice breeze through the house was long overdue. 

Ethan posing for his Easter picture.
Charlotte and Ethan
Charlotte and Ethan
 Alannah, Ethan, and Leah
Mariah, Alannah, and Leah 
The dogs in their KENNEL!  
 Ethan teasing Mongo
Ethan pretending to throw a rock at me... boys.  

We also spent some nice time with friends this weekend.  On Friday night we watched our friend's little guy, Liam, while his parents and older brother went to see the movie HOP.  Liam and Ethan had a great time together and managed to dump out every toy in the living room closet within about 5 minutes. 
Little drummer boys

On Saturday Ethan went to swim class where he and Lucas continue to do better week by week.  Miranda and I will be signing the boys up again for the next session.  It's great friend chat time and also a great experience for Ethan and Lucas. 

After swim class, Miranda and family came over and Miranda took some great pictures of Mariah.  She also snuck in a couple family pictures for us!  They turned out amazing!  Now I have to pick my favorite and have it printed to include in Mariah's confirmation invitations.  I have no idea how I will ever choose just one.

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