Monday, April 18, 2011

Weeks 28 and 29 = Start of 3rd Trimester

I am combining my posts for weeks 28 and 29.  I never quite got around to posting last week and honestly I really was in no mood to take a picture of myself.  Just one of those weeks I guess. 

Baby Carter and I are still doing really well.  He's growing, I am growing, and my ability to eat large meals or even medium sized meals is quickly leaving.  Carter is a stretcher... he likes to press on my bladder and sit on my lungs at the same time.  I quickly run out of breath and can't lean back much at all.  If I lean back I start to get light headed, have trouble breathing, and quickly need to sit forward.  He wants to make sure that I am always fully aware of his presence.  I am a bit afraid of these next 11 weeks.  There are days now where I am already very uncomfortable and I know that baby Carter and I still have much more growing to do.  I just pray that he is good to me and doesn't make me too uncomfortable.  The part that keeps me sane is knowing how worth it will be in the end when I get to hold the little munchkin in my arms.  Ahhh :-)

A new thing for me with this pregnancy is swelling.  I have never had any swelling issues in the past during my pregnancies... but I think this one is going to be different.  Last night I had a hard time getting my ring off before bed.  I also had stiff hands and feet and noticed a line on my ankles from my socks.  Oh boy.... getting a little nervous... 78 more days... just one day at a time...

Here is a picture from 28 weeks and 6 days. 

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