Monday, April 4, 2011

Little Bit of This... Little Bit of That

This was another busy and fast weekend.  We took on a couple projects this weekend.  The main project was giving Mariah's closet a make-over.  A couple years ago we put shelves and some metal clothing poles in her closet to give her lots of storage room.  She had a lot of baskets and things to keep on shelves and wasn't in to clothes the way she is now.  Well for the past year or longer this set up has not been working for her.  So we went to Menards and bought all new shelving.  The nicest thing about this shelving is that it's adjustable and can change with her needs! 

Step 1: Cory and Mariah removing the old shelving.
 Step 2: The bare closet.
 Step 3: The new shelving system!
There is another shelf up higher but you cannot see it from this picture.
 Another project we tackled was clearing out the play room and making it a workout/playroom.  Cory bought an elliptical so now we have "his and hers" for working out together in the mornings.  These machines are huge and were no longer allowed in the downstairs family room.  So I had Cory move them to the playroom.  I think they look really nice in here.  We also bought some more bins for the kids toys and got rid of some old stuff. 
 Here is a little glimpse of Ethan at swim lessons.  He only has two more weeks left.  In this picture he is learning to float on his back.  Yes.. his eyes are closed. 
 Another one of Ethan's favorite times... story time!
 And finally... a nice way to end my weekend blog post... a picture of our furbabies. 
This is how they relax on the weekend.  LOL 
Do they look comfortable?! 

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