Tuesday, March 1, 2011

22 Weeks and 2 Tumbles

I have fallen twice in last past 24 hours.  How you ask... well I am pregnant... can't that just be my excuse?!  Yesterday while walking in the hallway at work I slid on something right outside my office door and went down on hands and knees.  I managed to keep my belly safe protecting baby Carter.  I was pretty stiff and sore the rest of the day.  Then this morning (around 6:40am) I took the mail to the mailbox and noticed a patch of ice in front of the mailbox.  I was trying to be careful, but a car was flying down our street and I didn't want to get in his way so I stepped forward and down I went.  I think my feet flew out from under me, I caught air, and landed completely on my right side.  I couldn't get up on the ice so I crawled under the mailbox to the snowy area and pulled myself up on the mailbox all as the car was speeding by.  I wobbled back to my truck and called Cory.  He came back home (he was on his way to drop of Ethan) and we called the doctor.  We had to wait for the nurse to call us back with the doctors orders so we decided to drop Ethan off at daycare and head back home.  By 7:45am I was still waiting to hear from the doctor.  Baby Carter was kicking all around (my coffee helps with that every morning) so I felt like things were okay.  No cramping or bleeding.  However, my body feels like it's been hit by a truck.  At 8am I decided to drive in to town and buy some flat shoes for work.  I picked out these adorable black flats with very grippy bottoms.  By 8:30am I heard back from the nurse.  She said that I should rest and told me no more falling ~ ha!  If things change for the worse I should go in to labor and delivery, otherwise just take it easy.  What a start to my week... hope things get better!  
 My new flat black shoes:
My second outfit of the day:

**By the way, we had a really great family weekend. 
I have lots of pics to share and hope to get to that blog post soon!**

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  1. Girl, keep your feet under you! Hope and pray things continue to go well for you.