Tuesday, March 29, 2011

26 Weeks

On Sunday I reached another big milestone -  the 100 day count down began until we get to hold baby Carter in our arms!  Today we are in the double digits with just 98 days left.  Little by little I am doing more to prepare for Carter's arrival.  Next on my check list is to go through all of Ethan's old clothes and wash and put away the stuff that should work for Carter. 

Today we had our 26 weeks appointment.  My blood pressure is still wonderful, I've gained 3 more pounds, Carter is growing right on schedule, and his little heartbeat is beating like crazy.  Such a beautiful sound.  I had the glucose screening this morning and should hear the results from that test soon.  Hopefully I won't have to undergo the 3 hours test.  I did not have gestational diabetes with Mariah or Ethan so I am hoping the same goes for this pregnancy.  I also had a base line EKG done this morning.  Over the weekend I had some wild heart palpitations that scared me a bit so I told my doctor about it.  She said that it's probably normal, but it's always good to have a base line EKG reading.  Hopefully I won't have any more of those crazy heart palpitations.  I probably just overdid it that day with caffeine, chocolate, and activities. 

After our appointment Cory treated me to an amazing egg and cheese breakfast bagel sandwich from Panera.  I had never tried that before, but I think I have a new favorite place for breakfast!  The coffee was wonderful also.  Thanks hun! :-)

Here I am at 26 weeks pregnant with baby Carter

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