Wednesday, May 11, 2011

32.1 Weeks

55 days to go!  Yes, I am very excited about that.  I have never been this big of a complainer in my entire life.  My friends and family are probably pretty sick of me by now.  I feel like all I do is complain whenever anyone asks me how I am doing.  This pregnancy has just been so different than the first two.  I mean the beginning wasn't much different besides the allergic reactions, hives, and constant scratching.  Then there is the fact that I can't eat peanut butter and have to take an allergy pill every day, the migraines that get so bad I have to sleep with ice packs on my head, and now the random swelling that comes and goes.  Well, I guess that all adds up and eventually wears a person out.  As far as weight gain I am doing really good.  I am still under a 25 pound gain at 32 weeks.  However, I feel really heavy.  I can't stand for long periods of time and I get winded and exhausted really quick.  Any time I go for a walk I start having lower back pain and cramping.  Some mornings I wake up and I am just as tired as I was the night before.  My feet and legs will be hurting before I even climb out of bed in the morning.  I can't sit on the couch at home unless I put a couple pillows behind me because any slight incline backwards makes my face turn red, body get hot, and causes me to feel sick.  I was told this and the swelling is mainly happening because the baby is pressing on the main blood vessel that runs down my back.  I also have to roll over slowly when I am laying down because if I roll to fast I lose my breath and some times have heart palpitations.  So yes, I am ready for the 55 day count down to come to an end.  I am ready to bring baby Carter in to the world and lose sleep because I am holding my baby and nursing him in the middle of the night and not because I am breaking out in a sweat and trying to catch my breath from rolling over.  I am ready for this to be the last time I ever put my body through a pregnancy.  I am ready to complete my family of five. 

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  1. You are allowed to complain Honey. And us other Mommy's out there know what a pain in the you know what it can be. Carter will be worth it - and I can't wait to meet him!!!