Tuesday, May 31, 2011

35 Weeks - just 35 days to go!

I am so ready, so so so ready to have this baby.  SO ready!  I have 35 days left.  That may not sound like a lot of days; however, when I think about tossing and turning all night long for the next 35 nights... well that sounds like a lot.  When I think about the weight of my body on my poor little ankles... that sounds like a lot. I am so ready...

I had terrible cramping pains on my left side for about 6 hours on Sunday evening.  They would come and go every 10 - 12 minutes and then eventually stopped.  Then Sunday morning when I woke up and started walking around the house I would have to stop every couple steps because baby was pinching my nerves and causing shooting pains down my legs.  Fortunately that all went away for now. 

Ahh... 5 more weeks... I can do this.  Just 35 more days... baby Carter better not decide to come late! 

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