Thursday, May 5, 2011


This is not a pregnancy post about weeks... instead it's a birthday post about ME! 
Happy 33rd Birthday to ME! :-) 
I used to be terrified of getting older (like my 25th birthday for those of you that remember), but once I hit 30 I learned to embrace birthdays.  Every year something new and wonderful happens.  I look forward to all of my years to come, all of my life experiences that wait ahead of me, and all of the years of watching my kids grow in to wonderful people. 

And to celebrate my birthday... my wonderful husband and kids bought me some new items from COACH! 

The diaper bag:
 The purse:
 The wallet:
LOVE THEM (my family and the Coach items!)

And to further spoil myself... I had leather put in my KIA and just happened to get it back in time for my birthday:

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  1. love your new loot! I have an all black coach signature just like that and LOVE it! My husbands aunt bought me a diaper bag...but Mackensy was already too old to use it much, so I exchanged it for another great purse! LOVE me some COACH!