Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Fencing and Mother's Day

Okay, so the title of this post doesn't really go together... but it does sum up our weekend. 

Ethan has been in swimming lessons for a couple months now and I decided to get Mariah involved in something also so that both kids stay busy at the same time on Saturday mornings.  Well, Mariah has been wanting to learn how to fence for a while so I surprised her by signing her up.  She was a bit shocked when I told her she'd be starting a fencing class.  Maybe she was joking around about wanting to fence more so than being serious about it... Regardless, she started her first class this past Saturday and kind of enjoyed it! 

This weekend was also Mother's Day.  I made some fun cards for the moms this year.  I am not by any means a scrap book expert or even good at making things like small projects or cards... but some how I managed to make this card turn out pretty well!  The image on the left is the front of the card and the image on the right is how we signed the inside of the card.  :-)  I know... baby Carter is not born yet... but he's here with me all the time so I definitely included him on the card. 

Hope everyone had a lovely Mother's Day weekend!

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