Friday, May 27, 2011

34.4 Weeks and Cory's Surgery

I didn't get to post right at 34 weeks because I was a little busy that day... That happened to be the day that Cory had a much needed surgery to hopefully correct the back issues he's been having.  About 2 years ago Cory started having terrible pains in his back that would go down his right leg and make his foot numb.  The doctors did lots of tests and decided it was L5 and S1 that were causing the issues.  The disks were leaking and creating hard substance that was pinching the nerves and causing a lot of pain.  They sent him for a cortisone shot and lots of physical therapy.  That seemed to do the trick up until about 3 weeks ago.  Cory started having bad pains again.  This time things were worse.  He ended up in the ER on the opening night of Mariah's play for school.  They gave him an IV of 3 different pain meds and sent him home with instructions to follow up with his doctor on Monday.  He did just that and within days surgery was scheduled for a diskectomy.  Not only was there an issue between L5 and S1 but there was also a bigger issue between L4 and L5.  Things were really pinching and the doctor was afraid of permanent numbness in Cory's right leg and foot.  The surgery took place on Tuesday, May 24 at Columbia St Mary's in Milwaukee.  Dr Block performed the surgery and did an excellent job.  They removed a bunch of the extra bone material that leaked out of the bones and had been compressing the nerves.  The doctor said it was a lot worse than he thought it was going to be and he was really happy Cory didn't wait to have the surgery.  We are hoping that full feeling will eventually come back in Cory's foot.  So far Cory is feeling great.  He is stiff, moves slowly and cautiously, has a weight lifting restriction of 20 lbs for the next three months, and basically has to take it easy for the next couple weeks, but he is respecting that and very happy that he went through with the surgery.  He has been feeling tingling in his right foot which is a great sign that feeling is coming back.  Next Thursday he gets the staples taken out and a better update on how he is progressing. 

A funny story from surgery day:
I was sitting in the patient room by myself during Cory's surgery.  I was anxiously waiting to hear how things were going.  It had been 2 hours since they took Cory in to surgery and they said it would only take 1-2 hours.  I was getting antsy, but trying to stay calm.  Surgery is scary!  As I was sitting there the loud speaker went off in the hospital announcing Code Red First Floor Main Building.  This repeated a couple times so I quickly googled Code Red in hospitals and came up with a bomb threat?!  Ummm really?  Here I am 34 weeks pregnant on the 4th floor of the main building, my husband is in surgery and there is a Code Red which looks to be a bomb threat?!  I quickly text my friend Lindsay, gave her the details, and she called me within seconds saying Code Red is a fire alarm.  By then the nurse had also come to the door and closed me in the room saying there was a fire drill of some sort going on.  I started to calm down a little bit, but was still nervous about a potential fire a couple floors below me.  Then about 10 minutes later over the loud speaker I hear Code Blue Main Building.  Wow... really?!  More codes?!  I know what this one means... it means someone is having cardiac arrest and my husband still isn't out of surgery and I have no idea what is going on.  Luckily the floor that Code Blue was taking place on was a different floor than where I believed Cory to be at while in surgery.  I sat there and continued to try to calm my nerves and not force myself in to early labor out of panic.  Finally about 15 minutes later Dr Block came in and told me that Cory's surgery went wonderfully.  Phew!  Relief finally started to settle in....

Now for baby and my update.  We are doing really well.  Baby Carter is a natural acrobat and loves to move all around making my belly look like an ocean on a rough day.  It is fun to watch, but tends to get a bit uncomfortable at times.  Ethan keeps asking me if baby Carter is going to jump out of my belly soon.  He is getting anxious.  Well, we are all getting anxious, but we are also hoping he waits until closer to his due date.  I would love for Cory to be further along in his recovery.  As for my swelling... it's gone down!  My blood pressure is good, weight gain is good, I am feeling good.  Next week I start my weekly appointments.  We are getting down to the end.  Just 39 days to go until due date!!  :-)

Here is a picture from this morning at 34.4 weeks.  Please ignore my wet hair.  I managed to start the blow dryer on fire yesterday morning and almost set the bathroom wall on fire.  I desperately need to get to the store to buy a new blow dryer.  That... is another story though. 

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