Tuesday, March 15, 2011

24 Weeks

Baby Carter and I have reached 24 weeks!  Can you believe it?!  6 months already!  Just 112 more days to go until we will get to hold baby Carter in our arms and smooch on him like crazy. 

We are still doing really well.  I have gained just a little weight over the past two weeks since my last appointment.  I think I am at a total gain of about 14 or 15 pounds now.  I have been feeling well and baby Carter has been continually moving around like crazy. 

We spent a fun weekend in the Dells with some friends this past weekend and I'll have to say that having a pregnant belly sure makes it hard to chase Ethan around at the water park and through the play area.  I wasn't able to climb and bend and fit through areas that I had fit through in previous years.  I may not be huge yet... but I sure can't bend!  Thank goodness for Cory and Mariah.  They helped chase Ethan around and keep him occupied at all times.  He sure is an active little guy! :-)  We are definitely going to have our hands full when Carter joins our family.  I can't even begin to imagine how much running around we'll be doing with two active little men in our house.  Click HERE for a slideshow of our trip in the Dells. 

Here I am at 24 weeks pregnant with baby Carter:
For comparison, here I was at 24 weeks with Ethan:

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