Tuesday, March 22, 2011

25 Weeks

Time for another weekly pregnancy post.  These weeks just keep flying by and baby and I keep growing bigger and bigger!  Just 15 weeks left.  Baby Carter and I are still doing really well.  I am definitely showing more now.  I go see the doctor next on March 29th.  This will be my last appointment during the 2nd trimester! 

I bought a couple things this week to prepare for baby Carter's arrival.  My large purchase was a Phil and Ted's Vibe stroller.  This thing is amazing and will definitely deserve it's own post as soon as I receive it and can take lots of pictures of it.  Cory jokes that it will even feed and change the baby.  I sold my jogging stroller and chicco stroller within days after purchasing my P & T stroller.  The P & T Vibe will work as a single stroller, double stroller, and an infant carseat can attach to it.  The double seat can come off and be used as a bounce chair or a booster chair.  The stroller is very light and can fold up to the size of a medium suitcase.  Truly amazing!  The other items that I bought this week were new bottles.  I used and loved the AVENT bottles with Ethan, but the kind that I had were not BPA free.  This wasn't as advertised when I bought them for Ethan.  I have since thrown them all away.  I was going to buy the new BPA free AVENT bottles, but a friend recommended that I try the Tommee Tippee bottles.  They are really cute and supposedly don't leak at all.  I had occasional issues with the AVENT bottles leaking in the past. 
Hope we love the Tommee Tippees! 

Here is a picture from 25 weeks.
Doesn't Ethan look excited in the background.
I don't think he was fully awake yet.  


  1. That is soooo exciting! I got a BOB double and LOVE it. There is just something about having a stroller I love that makes life and little bit happier. Enjoy!

  2. Looking FABULOUS lady! :-) Those bottles look intriguing too - can't wait to hear how they work! :-)