Friday, March 25, 2011

The Stroller!

I really have no other words to title this post besides "The Stroller".  This new stroller is the mother of all strollers.  It does everything!  Cory even jokes that it will feed and change the baby. 
 It is the new Phil and Ted's Vibe stroller. 

I found this really funny.  This was the large picture on the side of the box.
 Ethan starting to assemble the stroller.
Ethan testing it out as a single stroller.
Here it is as a single stroller and single bouncer using the double seat.
 Now it is a double stroller using the seat from the bouncer.
 Second seat on top of stroller using main area as a flat infant area.
 Looks like a single stroller doesn't it?!

Here is the view from the back.
 Now to a double stroller with second seat on bottom so infant seat can go on top.
Surprisingly Ethan was having tons of fun under there.  
 Double stroller with Ethan on top and room for baby Carter on bottom.  

The sun shades moves around nicely.  Ethan was having fun playing hide and seek behind it.
Double stroller with Mousey and Tigger playing the parts of Ethan and Carter.
 Single stroller 
 Single stroller for infant 
...and Ethan thinking he's big enough to push the stroller; however, he can't see over the sun shade
This stroller is amazing.  It has a super easy hand break and the front wheel can swivel or stay stationary for jogging.  It folds up nicely even with the double seat attached.  I am so happy with my purchase and can't believe I waited until the third child before investing in an extremely nice stroller.  Well worth the expense! 


  1. Enjoy!! I was never one to get excited about strollers,carseats or etc. But it does look pretty neat. "The cadillac of strollers" I always get excited about baby clothes & shoes so I understand the excitement!! Again...Enjoy!

  2. WOW, your stroller is absolutely gorgeous! Love your vibe - it is very sophisticated looking. I love the Phil&Teds sense of humor with the "Baby Not Included" icon on the side of the box.

    Does it push OK with the second seat? Looks like you'd have to walk with your arms straight out to avoid the second seat getting tangled in your legs. And the child sitting in that second seat doesn't look like he gets to see much. How was that?

  3. Love it! It will make such a difference! It looks amazing.