Thursday, March 3, 2011

Family Fun Filled Weekend

We had a lot of fun as a family this past weekend! 

On Friday night we went to Steinhafels and bought my new chair for feeding and rocking baby Carter.  I LOVE IT!  We picked it up on Sunday afternoon. I can spin and look out the patio door in our room. It is so nice and it has white stitching just like our couches downstairs so when we are done with it in our room we can put it in the basement. 

Saturday we went shopping in the morning (the whole family) and then came home, Ethan and I took naps, and then we went up to the Brewers stadium to TGI Friday's for dinner. Food was excellent! Then we drove over to the Bradley Center and managed to park and get in our seats one minute before the game started. We were really high up, but the stadium was pretty full. I'd say the Bulls fans and Bucks fans were about 50/50. It was pretty exciting. Bulls won by a couple points. It was a close game all night.  This was Mariah and Ethan's first attendance at a professional basketball game. 
One of our Saturday morning purchases.  Baby Carter's first swim suit! 
(sorry, tried a bunch of times and for some reason this pic will only load sideways...)

Driving up to Brewer's Stadium for dinner. 

Trying to get Ethan to cooperate for a picture with mommy was quite difficult.

Mariah and Cory at TGI Friday's.

In the parking lot next to the Bradley Center we could see the restaurant where Cory and I got engaged.  It was fun to show the kids this restaurant through Cory's sun roof on his truck.

Mariah at the Bucks v. Bulls game.

Cory and Ethan watching the game.

Mariah and I taking a picture of ourselves.

The dancers getting things going.

On Sunday we ushered at church and had treats duty. Ethan is really loving Sunday School. Mariah only has a couple months left of Sunday School and confirmation. She gets confirmed on May 22nd. Then graduates 8th grade in June. Looks like I have more parties to plan..... Thankfully these will be outside parties!

Sunday afternoon we went to my sister's for my niece, Alannah's, 12th birthday party.  We had a nice time and ate lots of yummy food.  Happy 12th Birthday Alannah! 

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