Thursday, March 29, 2012

Carter: 9 Months

Only three more months until Carter's 1st birthday!  I can't tell you how much we love having Carter in our family.  He completes us.  He is a mama's boy all the way.  Yes, I love that.  ;-)

Carter had a rough patch this past month with RSV, pneumonia, ear infections, and pink eye.  He is on his second round of meds right now.  He was able to get rid of everything, but 3 weeks later got the ear infections and cough back.  Poor guy... Those daycare germs sure are rough. 

Carter started crawling - finally!  He isn't moving very fast, but he's taking baby crawls forward.  He can crawl backwards and spin in circles super-fast though (as Ethan would say). 

Carter is also trying to walk.  He walks along furniture and really cruises when we hold his hands and help him walk.  He is ready to move! 

We've had some early spring-like weather lately and have been able to enjoy lots of time outside.

Funny how the weather works this time of year... warm one day... cold the next.


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  1. Augh, that treatment picture is so brutal, poor guy! Can you believe only three more months?!