Thursday, March 1, 2012

Carter is 8 months!

Our little monkey turned 8 months old this past weekend.  He is really turning in to a handsome big boy.  And... yes, we call him monkey all the time.  Funny how nicknames start.  When naming our children we tried to think of all the creative nicknames that people would come up with.  We never thought of the nicknames that we ended up calling each of the kids.  Mariah (peanut), Ethan (E-baby/E-man), Carter (monkey).  I'm sure he'll grow out of the nickname eventually, but for now it fits him perfectly. 

Carter had a tough bout of illness this past month.  He was diagnosed with RSV, pneumonia, a double ear infection, and pink eye.  Thankfully we were able to get through that tough time with a little bit of meds and a lot of snuggles - and no hospital stay!  I took him for his recheck yesterday and the doctor said his ears look great and his lungs are clear!  Way to go Carter Monkey!

We have been offering Carter more foods lately.  We've tried some finger foods, juice, stage two veggies and fruits, some dinner blends, and baby yogurt.  He isn't a fan of many of the foods and prefers to stick with oatmeal cereal, blueberry yogurt, and "boob-milk" as my family calls it.  I haven't been pushing the foods and figure eventually he'll get hungry and we can explore more options at that time. 

I gave Carter his first haircut this weekend.  I know, you may think I'm crazy, but it must be the hair stylist in me that just can't let his little hairs get long and out of control.  Cory had a much harder time with Carter's haircut than I did.  Carter had these long hairs on the top of his head - about 20 of them - that had to be 3-4 inches long and were tickeling his eyebrows.  The rest of his hair is thin and about 1-2 inches long.  He has this faux mohawk on the top of his head that forms in to a peak and points to his nose.  He still has this point, but now it's shorter and those long crazy hairs are no longer.  No, I didn't save the hairs, but I did have Cory take a couple pictures.  I'll add those to another post. 

Carter isn't crawling yet, but he is pushing himself around the house backwards and spins in circles to get where he wants to go. 

Carter loves to say mama and knows exactly how to use it.  He calls for me and reaches for me whenever I am in sight.  He is a mama's boy all the way. 

He is my snuggly little monkey.  I love him so.  Happy 8 months Carter Oliver.  We love you lots!

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