Thursday, March 22, 2012


Just a couple fun pictures from last weekend.

I made this wreath.  Took me forever because I kept forgetting about it, but I finally finished it and hung it on my front door.  I pinned it on pinterest and to my surprise I had about 20 likes and re-pins before I could blink.  It was amazing.  I felt famous! Too bad I didn't like a "how to" post to my blog.  Could have increased traffic and maybe gotten more comments.  ;-)

On Saturday we worked outside in the garage.  Yes, it was like 70+ out that day, but the morning was chilly, Carter has a cold, and the garage was damp.  So, I covered his ears. 

The boys played bumper cars in the garage while Cory and I hung up some more drywall.

Cory taught Ethan how to use line chalk.  Cory drew a bunch of dots on a piece of drywall, lined up the letters, and had Ethan pull the string.  It's hard to read in this picture, but the chalk lines spell out ETHAN. 

Doesn't Carter look like one of the farmer toddlers that should be on the posters wearing striped overalls?  Love this little monkey.  He was demonstrating his backwards crawl all around the deck.  Have I mentioned that he's trying to walk?  Still won't crawl forward though.


  1. Unfortunately a seller on ETSY has stolen your photo and SOLD this wreath as their own.
    FYI someone on etsy stole your picture and listed (and SOLD TWO) of these as their own. Beware, they are selling a lot of bloggers' other stolen things as well. Sick.
    Here is where you see they sold it:

    Here is the seller...Megan Farley's profile

    1. Wow, thanks for the links and the info! I wonder if this seller is actually making similar wreaths and getting them to the people or if she's just keeping their money? Yikes!