Monday, March 19, 2012

Playing Catch Up: Christmas 2011

Wow, Christmas just happened, right?  Because I just took over 300 pictures off of my camera dating back to December.  Oops!  Guess I've been depending on my camera phone a bit too much!

So, here we have it, Christmas 2011 (post 1 of 2):

Ethan sent Santa a letter and got a letter in return.

 Cory read the letter to Ethan.  Ethan listened closely in amazement.  He couldn't believe that Santa even knew about his baby brother.  

We took a train ride with some of our closest friends. 
Ethan and Lucas were excited for the train to get moving.

 Carter had no clue what was going on.  He was a perfect sport.
A family picture of the four of us on the train. 
Mariah had other plans and wasn't able to join us.   
 Look who surprised the kids on the train!

Cookie baking! 

Just hanging out.

 A little mother-daughter photo.
 And a grandma-granddaughter photo.
 More cookies!

 A priceless moment.  Ethan loves when he's read to. 

A Christmas Program put on by daycare. 
Ethan was so excited about the event, but wanted nothing to do with standing by his friends. 
Instead, Ethan wanted to sit as close to Carter as he could. 
I think he almost sat on the teacher's lap a couple times along with Carter.  

Post two of Christmas 2011 coming tomorrow.   

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