Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Weekend Fun

The weather was beautiful this past weekend.  We were able to get outside, open the windows in our home and let lots of fresh air in, and pick up the yard in hopes for more spring weather. 

On Friday night I tried to convince Ethan that he was strong enough to pull the empty garbage can up from the street.  He gave it a good try, but after about three steps he gave up.  Rex (yellow lab) must have been shaking around in the background.  He looks really crazy in this picture. 

Carter is teething... something fierce... and chewing and drooling on everything.

Ethan had a great time playing on the playground after church.

Carter played dress up in a hat that Grandma Sandy brought home from Florida.

We celebrated my step-sister-in-laws 30th birthday at a fun place called SPiN on Saturday night.
It's a ping-pong bar!

Took a picture with my mama ;-)

Got a nice picture of my sister and her husband.

Had lots of outside time with the kids.

Ethan spun around the driveway on his Gator with Oscar in tow.

Ethan played catch with Rex while Mariah tumbled around with Mongo.

It was a great weekend!  I am looking to many more upcoming weekends filled with outdoor family fun! Is it too early to say HAPPY SPRING?!  ;-)

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