Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Stone Fail

We went looking at stone this weekend for our fireplace.  Six years ago when we built our home we left our fireplace unfinished.  About a year later we threw some black granite tile on the base of the fireplace to make it look more "finished".  The grout is cracking out and the tile just doesn't look pretty anymore.  I've hung many things above the fireplace, but nothing really makes it look any better.  It's an eyesore.  It needs a finish.  We tried to find it a finish, but had no luck.  Our material quotes came in 2-3 times more than I was expecting.  The one stone that we liked the best is on back order until mid summer.  The other stones were too orange, too pink, or exactly what my brother has on his fireplace next door. 

Here is our current mess:

A view from the left side:

And a view from the right side:

We really dislike those gold trimmed doors too. Maybe I'll just trim the fireplace in a wood trim and mantel and paint it white?  Maybe we can just stone the bottom half and build a new hearth and save ourselves some money?  Or... maybe we will just set this project aside again and take the kids on vacation?  Or... we could save that money and maybe stone the fireplace in 6 months or a year after looking at more stones?  No clue...

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