Monday, March 12, 2012

A Fishin' They Went

Cory has picked up an enjoyment for fishing over the past couple years. To Cory, fishing means relaxation, time with family or friends, and lately... time with the kids.  Ethan has been all about the sport of fishing, which I believe has made Cory love it even more.  This past weekend Bass Pro Shop had an event for kids where they could do a little fishing inside their store in a catch and release pond.  Ethan was so excited for this.  He had no problems waiting in line for about an hour, because he knew it meant that he was going to go fishing and actually catch his first fish!  See, the sponge bob fishing pole that he normally uses while fishing with daddy, doesn't have a real hook (yet).  So catching his own first fish was a huge deal!

A little "boat driving" while waiting to catch his first fish.

Taking a look at some of the fish he won't be catching.

 Finally, Ethan's turn!  Here fishy-fishy... 

Safety goggles and all ;-)

A bite!

and a catch!

My proud little fisherman!

 Way to go Ethan!

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