Monday, March 26, 2012

Little Artists

Ethan and Mariah love to work on craft projects together.  One of their favorite projects is painting on canvas.  I've been getting these packs of canvas at Hobby Lobby for about $7 for two.  They are so easy to display around the house.

Lately I've surprised Ethan by putting a couple of his canvas drawings on display.  This first one he made while I was pregnant with Carter.  It's the perfect pop of color needed for the shelf in Carter's room.  Ethan loves that it's on display in his little brother, Carty's, room. 

This next one Ethan made about a week ago.  Ethan and Mariah love to go downstairs to the craft room room and paint up some artwork.  They never let me come down while they are working and love surprising me with their creations after they dry.  Ethan's been learning a lot about weather at school lately and he explained to me that this piece has a green and yellow twister in the lower right corner.  I love his creativity.  Ethan's eyes lit up when he found this piece of artwork on display in the kid's bathroom. 

Mariah made a really cool John Deere tractor for Ethan.  This piece is on display in Ethan's room.  He loves that his big sister made it just for him. 

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  1. I love it that they make art for each other. It makes it more special.