Thursday, March 15, 2012

Master Bedroom Needs A New Look

When we built our house over 6 years ago, I quickly painted every room in the house.  The construction wasn't even finished on the outside of the house, but the rooms were painted.  I picked tan as a color for many rooms.  Not the same tan, but about 8 different shades of tans and many accent colors.  Cory teases me often about all of the paint cans I have in our storage room.  My thoughts on tan were that they were warm and timeless.  If I went with tan then I'd never get sick of the colors.  Well, I was right about that for a long time, but I think I'm finally tanned-out.  My house needs a lift... room by room... tan by tan.  I'll keep some tan, but not nearly as much as we have now. 

Here is our master bedroom.  A lovely tan - suede-paint - tan - boring - tan... I need some color.  Not bright color, but a soft, warm, inviting color.  Maybe a sea green, or a light grayish blue?  I want to stay on the really like side because my trim and furniture are dark, but I need some color.  Any suggestions?  I also need some new window treatments.  Yes, these are new, but I'm not sure if they are right.  Maybe just a creamy solid white?  Some new throw pillows would be nice to.  Okay, so I'll keep the furniture, but everything else must go.  Now to find some cheap, very cheap ideas. 


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