Tuesday, March 6, 2012

One Day at a Time

Raising a teenager is exhausting.  She hates me.  She seriously hates me.  I know it's not "real".  I know this is what happens to teenage girls that don't get everything they want.  I get it.  We have all been there.  We were all teenagers at one point.  Those evil drama filled years that many of us would never go back and relive. 

As a teenager:  We see things from our world only.  The world around us doesn't really exist.  We are the existence.  We can do anything.  Go anywhere.  The world is our canvas and we are free birds.  Until... mom and dad (or step dad) tell us no and make us do things like wash dishes and feed the dogs.  They take away our texting abilities for a day or two at a time and they tell us we can't do extra curricular activities.  They want us to respect them and tell them our plans in detail.  They expect us to know what's going on at school and what events are coming up.  But, as teenagers, we don't care about the details.  We just know that we want to be somewhere and we should be allowed to be there.  If we have to explain ourselves we get upset and blame our parents for being mean to us. 

Unfortunately teenagers don't see the bigger picture.  As adults we don't always see the bigger picture.  Life is hard.  I 'm not going to lie.  But, it's rewarding.  Even these days where I go to work and struggle all day long to hold back the tears knowing that my daughter is telling all her friends today how much she hates Cory and I and how horrible of parents we are... it's still rewarding. 

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